Building Rental

We are here for you!

We offer rental of our rooms and gymnasium, including our kitchen. Please complete the forms below and call us today to schedule your event.

Room Rental

  • Open Room
  • Conference Room
  • Sewing Room (general)
  • Youth Room (has game equipment)

Gym Rental / Parties

  • Receptions, Parties, Banquets, Fund Raisers, Benefits & more
  • Great for businesses or professional organizations


  • Full-Service Kitchen
  • Warming Kitchen

Other Rentals

  • Youth Sports
  • Adult Sports
  • Classes (fee based): Room Designation Based on Activity and Class Size

Contact us at:

Phone: (740) 869-2453
Email: msccinc @ embarqmail com

*Rental details such as fees, deposits & regulations can be found on the rental application. Please call the center if you have any questions.